We do a lot more.

Data Centre Solutions

Syntix can host your virtual machine on our servers at Teraco. Syntix servers are fully redundant, allowing for peace of mind server hosting. We can fully restore your server in the event of hardware failure. Accessing your virtual machine is as easy as accessing any of your on-site machines on our fast and reliable network.

Voice Solutions

On our secure, reliable, high quality voice platform, your company can reduce voice call costs, without compromising on call quality. Cloud-based voice servers reduce costs of on-site hardware, and work with existing on-site handsets and devices. Our voice service is only available to our clients who are using Syntix fibre.

Outsourced Management

Syntix offer a wide range of services, from full-time on-site support to ad-hoc remote IT support as well as customized IT support. Including hardware, desktop and of course network support. Services are available on retainer/SLA basis, and on a per hour basis when required.

Dedicated Connectivity

A great internet connection is the platform that allows all business appilcations to run smoothly.

Syntix’ dedicated enterprise wireless and fibre connectivity is a best in class service, which has automated fault monitoring and a 99% up time guarantee.